Dr. Zsolt Ottó Sztrókay


I received the primary education at Köbölkút Utcai Elementary School in 11th district, then I studied at Kaffka Margit High School, learning History and Latin as main subjects.

I graduated in 1983 and became admitted to jurisprudential main subject at Eötvös Loránd University.

1983-1984: I carried out military service in Zalaegerszeg as deferred admission

1984-1989: I studied jurisprudential main subject at Eötvös Loránd University.

I received my law degree in 1989.

On 1 September 1989 I started to work at 22. Sz. Ügyvédi Munkaközösség (Working Group of Lawyers Nr. 22), where I worked until 31 December 1991 and I passed the bar exam.

In January 1992 I started a law office at 41 Városmajor u. Budapest XII where I worked together with my sister, Dr. Sztókay Eszter in an “overhead-community”

I started my present office on 1 October 1991, at the address of I/9, 16 Zivatar u. 2nd district, Budapest, where I have been working since then.

I have got two children, the elder is a law student at Pázmány Péter University, my younger child studies abroad.

My father, Dr. Sztrókay Ottó is still member of the Bar Association of Budapest and as a pensioner he continues lawyer activities. My sister, Dr. Eszter Sztókay, works as a lawyer  as well, she manages the previously mentioned office in Városmajor Street.

My specialities are mainly defense in criminal cases, but I also carry out activities in law on aliens procedures and economic and company issues.

I carry out activities on the same location with Dr. Czibor Zsolt’s office, who previously worked for me as a clerk and has successfully passed the bar exam, so we frequently help each other.

My knowledge of languages: I speak English on conversational level and one of the employees in the office speaks Russian on native language level.